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Your health is one thing that you cannot ignore. Career and family accomplishments can be checked off, but if your health plummets your daily routine can be impaired. With reasonable time invested, your health can be managed through coaching. Whether it be athletic, couple, or one-on-one coaching, let one of our Fitness10X personal training coaches guide your fitness journey. Let us focus on your health concerns, compose a program that fuels your personal goals, and motivate you to execute it with precision and consistency.
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Research has proven that heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes are results of unhealthy lifestyles. An unhealthy lifestyle can not only affect how long you live but also your quality of life.

Your body is fueled by your diet and finding out what you need may look different than what someone else needs. We help you create healthier eating habits that can become your lifestyle. 

It’s not about having the biggest muscles or running the longest. It’s about living a healthier lifestyle. Change unhealthy eating habits and becoming more active and less sedentary. If you would like to achieve that we can help set personal goals.

Seeing the need to set a goal is the first step. The next step is being motivated to achieve that goal. We become your personal trainer to motivate you on your fitness journey, track your progress, and continue to adjust your training.


It’s simple!  Fitness10x is a brand that urges everyone to fulfill their full potential of maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.  How do we do it?  By working 10 times harder, 10 times the drive, 10 times the intensity, 10 times the hustle!  So how ever it is that you stay active, do it 10 times.  


A.B.  is a proud native of Portsmouth, Virgina.  His life ventures has taken him from Virginia, to North Carolina, to Texas.  A.B.  became focused and interested fully in health and fitness in 2014 when he first launched Fitness10X.  He is a firm believer in showing you just as much as he tells you.  With that being said A.B. actively trains his body along with maintaining healthy eating and lifestyle habits.  A.B.  became a pescatarian January 2017 and say’s he is not turning back.  He has worked with clients in Virgina, North Carolina, and now is located and working in the Houston, Texas area.  He believes in motivating his clients, setting a goal, committing to that goal, and being consistent in reaching that goal.


Certified Personal Trainer in Virginia, North Carolina, and Texas

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